Road Watch® SS Pavement and Air Temperature Sensor

Road Watch SS Logo Roadwatch Display


Why drive with uncertainty and fear? RoadWatch SS does the guess work for you,  takes the unpredictability  out of driving in inclement weather, and gets you to your destinations safely. 

The innovative RoadWatch SS reads ambient air  and road temperatures and alerts  you of potentially hazardous, icy road conditions.  RoadWatch SS is not only designed for your safety, but also for convenience and low- maintenance. 

Road Temperature Accuracy ±1 % of full scale or ±1 °C 
Road Temperature Display Range 40° to +100°C; -40° to + 212°F
Air Temperature Accuracy ±1°C; ±2°F
Air Temperature Display Range -40° to +50°C; -40° to +122°F

RS-232 Adapter

RS-232 Adapter Box


Mounting Options Available
Display Mounting Pedestal Metal Display Mounting Pedestal Metal   Display with Pedestal Mount 28866-3837
Mini "C" Mount Mini "C" Mount GB-12
Extension Cable 4 Feet Extension Cable - 4 Feet 434-0100-002


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