Flex4 Pro


The Flex4 Pro™ is a complete monitoring and control system that provides precise, year-round, application of granular and liquid materials.

Equipped with a ruggedized, 10.1” touch  screen tablet that will handle harsh environments, the Flex4 Pro™ optimizes the user experience

through both viewing and interaction. Operators can monitor up to four fully customizable operations at one time without the issues associated

with smaller and lower resolution displays. In addition to the touchscreen display, the Flex4 Pro™ utilizes an operator switch module (OSM) in

order to provide control at the drivers finger tips so he can maintain eye contact with the road. The OSM incorporates the system master (on/off)

switch, spinner/ spreader width adjustment knob, rate increase or decrease, pause, and blast all in one convenient location. This CAN BUS design

control system provides a wide array of features such as easy automatic valve calibration, section control, integrated cameras with reverse view,

applied material data and driver log files while providing a platform for future feature expansion.


Product Features

Ruggedized 10.1" high-definition touchscreen display designed to withstand harsh environments
Simultaneous control and display of four application operations conveniently displayed on one screen
Entry of 20 preset routes and 10 operator ID's to ensure operator accountability
Easy to use automatic calibration valve calibration for accurate system performance
Push button selection for automatic application of anti-ice material
Six boom section control for precise application of material
Manual ground speed override in the event of lost ground speed input signal
Camera port connection to interface with multiple remote mounted cameras for monitoring conditions and performance
Multiple customizable digital and analog sensor inputs for system monitoring
USB data port to import/export configuration files for ease of system setup, software upgrades and data download


                                  Flex4 Pro  



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Flex4 Pro Literature

Flex4 Pro Operators Manual




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